MARK ZBOROVSKY, LLC is the ONLY brokerage company in New York City that specializes in the analysis, appraisals, and sales of large blocks of Rent Regulated and Free Market Unsold Sponsor Units (condominiums as well as co-ops).
MARK ZBOROVSKY, LLC has sold more than 12,500 occupied Sponsor Units with an aggregate Vacant Market Value in excess of $16,000,000,000.
These sales were made in blocks ranging in size from 12 units to 695 units per block, and in price from $200,000 to $64,000,000 per deal.
These sales were also among the largest such transactions in New York City from 1990 through today.
MARK ZBOROVSKY, LLC has represented on an exclusive basis the largest holders of Unsold Sponsor Units in New York, such as Joel Wiener, Myles Horn, Izak Senbahar, Ben Heller, Michael Fuchs and Aby Rosen, Peter Malkin, Adam Rose, Ziel Feldman, etc.
Working exclusively in sales of Sponsor Shares in New York for close to twenty years, MARK ZBOROVSKY, LLC has accumulated a great deal of knowledge of the business, as well as established close relationships with investors — domestic and foreign — who are ready, willing, and able to purchase (for all cash) blocks of Unsold Sponsor Units in New York.
MARK ZBOROVSKY, LLC enjoys an excellent reputation as the ONLY brokerage company in New York with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD in the sales of large blocks of Sponsor Units.